Top Rated Smartwatch Games and How to Download

Top-rated smartwatch games available on the Google Playstore and iTunes. They are intended for a very small touch screen, finger tapping, and just enough data quality. It should be noted that not all are available in online stores and must be downloaded from the developer’s website. There are instructions at the end of this article on how to download and install non-store smartwatch games. 


Anyone who has had a passing interest in arcade games, or has played a few, is familiar with the 1978 classic Space Invaders. One of the most influential games of all time, it catapulted the arcade industry from novelty to global phenomenon, ushering in the golden age of arcades. Now you don’t need coins to play, and you can control spaceships and fire at pixelated enemies with your wrist. 

The Infinity Loop 

Puzzle games are great because the concepts are usually simple, but they challenge the mind. This entry on our list is no exception, and it is a fun way to improve your logic skills. 

The game presents you with a series of lines that you must flip around until they form an infinite loop. As a result, the name. Its mechanics are fairly straightforward. You simply tap on things to flip them around, and things quickly become very relaxing and addictive. 

The Rubik’s Cube 

When it comes to puzzle games, nothing beats a Rubik’s Cube. Ern Rubik, a Hungarian sculptor, invented the 3-D combination puzzle in 1974, and it was originally marketed as The Magic Cube. 

Why should smartwatches be any different? There has never been a shortage of Rubik’s Cube emulators for any device, so why should smartwatches be any different? Because you must sometimes zoom in to manipulate the block, the small screen can present an additional challenge. As if putting the cube together wasn’t difficult enough, but the fun is in the challenge. 


This one is ideal for passing the time while waiting on the bus or in a waiting room. It’s a simple-looking space game in which you dodge the attacks of paper-crafted bad guys. It’s surprisingly playable for such a small device and a lot of fun. 

While you’re unlikely to become immersed in it, it’s a great way to pass the time. It’s also a free and open-source game. This means you can download the game’s source code and do whatever you want with it. If you’re interested. 


It’s difficult to separate these two because they’re both revolutionary and thrilling. There aren’t many smartwatch games with actual engaging storylines, but these two do. They are text-based RPG games in the choose-your-own-adventure genre that have achieved cult status in the community. 


The first game of its kind to be released on a smartwatch. Runeblade is a hack-and-slash RPG in which you fight against AI opponents using stats. The amount of damage done is determined by how quickly you swing your sword. So, if the idea of killing dragons in a game with cartoony graphics appeals to you, this could be the game for you. 

Wear Moto 360 Shooter 

There aren’t many first-person shooters for smartwatches, but it was only a matter of time before the genre got one. If you enjoy these games, you’re probably used to much more advanced graphics than what you’ll find here. 

The game has a crude appearance and is reminiscent of mid-90s games like Wolfenstein 3D and Duke Nukem. However, if you’re a nostalgic type, this could be a nice throwback and enjoyable time. 


Chess, oh chess. The kings’ game. Aficionados are well-versed in the battles between man and machine. Belle was the first to arrive, followed by Deep Thought, Deep Blue, Fritz, and Junior. Some of the world’s best players, including Kasparov and Kramnik, challenged these chess-playing computers, with varying degrees of success. 

You can now play chess against AI on your wrist. If you’re a techie and want to see the algorithm you’re playing against, Wearable Chess is an open-source game, so you can do so. 

Real money games can also be played if you want to get the most out of your smartwatch gaming experience. These are chance games in which players can win money. 

The Best Smartwatch for Gaming 

If you want to buy a smartwatch to play games on it every now and then, you might be confused about which one to get. Given their small screens, you may be wondering if Apple smartwatches are suitable for gaming. Or whether those that run on Android Wear are a good option? 

One thing you should know is that these devices rely on smartphones to provide access to many of their functions. This could include games, which means that the type of phone you have influences how much you can get out of your watch. Apple watches only work with iPhones, whereas the newest Android Wear can support iOS but only to a limited extent. However, this is no longer an issue. 

The Pebble watch is a one-of-a-kind option because it supports all apps on both platforms. You should also look into other great brands like Garmin, Samsung, and Casio. 

How Do I Get Smartwatch Games? 

Depending on the smartwatch you own and the game, most of the games listed above can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Some games, however, that are no longer available on Google Play must be manually installed by downloading the Android application package. This is for more technically savvy users. 

Previously, all apps for your watch had to be downloaded via your smartphone. That has changed recently, with the introduction of Wear OS and watchOS 6. Watches can now directly access these platforms and download apps. 

However, if you want to install a game on your smartwatch, you must follow instructions specific to the operating system you’re using. If you own a Pebble watch, you should be aware that games used to be downloaded through the “Pebble App” on Google Play and the App Store, but the company no longer exists and the app is no longer available. There are some Pebble alternatives, such as Rebble. 

Here are a few different methods and things to keep in mind when downloading games to your smartwatch: 

1. Check that you are connected

If you’re attempting to install an app from your computer, phone, or directly from your watch, make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network first. 

2. Game downloads from your computer and smartphone 

Apple App Stores via their computers or smartphones. When you choose to download an app from one of these platforms, your watch will appear as a destination device. 

3. Transferring games from your phone to your smartwatch 

Apps downloaded on your phone are not necessarily downloaded on your watch. When you open the watch app on your phone, you will see a list of apps that are already installed as well as apps that are available for installation on your watch. You can easily transfer them from there. 

4. Directly downloading games from your smartwatch 

The simplest method is to directly access the desired platform from your watch and download your preferred game. You can search, browse, and browse through categories and suggestions. 

Tizen devices (Samsung Gear S watches) allow apps to be downloaded directly from the watch by going to the “Apps” icon in the menu, though the app selection is currently quite limited.

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