What to Know Before Betting on Greyhound Racing

The Australian greyhound racing industry is worth millions of dollars, primarily in the states of Victoria and New South Wales. According to the Greyhound Racing Association of New South Wales (NSW), income has reached AUD$ 2.47 billion as of 2021. This result indicates a 38.6 percent rise over the previous year’s total of AUD$ 1.78 billion.

Greyhound Racing NSW created the Million Dollar Chase, a high-stakes race, around four years ago. The winner of this race receives a million Australian dollars. The year’s final event is slated for September at Wentworth Park, although a variety of competitions are now being held to determine who will be the final qualifiers. Other greyhound racing activities are raising the temperature at racetracks throughout the country.

If you have not yet participated in the activity, it is critical that you fulfill your role of exercising due diligence by gathering as much information as possible. Punters Greyhound Tips and other sites of a similar type can help you broaden your knowledge. Furthermore, reading this post will considerably improve your chances.

1. Check Out the Greyhound’s Previous Performance Records

The selection of the competition’s winner, like that of other types of races, can be tricky. Examining both online and offline information about your bets may help you improve your gambling skills. Check for details such as the individual’s age, previous racing experience, and results in their most recent competitions, to mention a few. If done correctly, this can reveal a plethora of information about the runner’s likely performance at the upcoming competition.

In addition, consider how the dogs did in each of the traps. Some greyhounds will only race in traps with which they are familiar. In general, a dog’s chances of winning a greyhound race improve if the dog has a track record of finishing in the top three spots in several previous races employing a range of different traps.

2. Check Out Your Greyhound Bets on Video

Include video footage of a runner’s former race performance to enhance your analysis of their present race. Examine the runner’s form throughout the race, focusing on the first few seconds and continuing until the runner crosses the finish line. 

Check your bet’s speed, stamina, and breed, as these traits, together with performance and shape, can be good indicators of a dog’s potential. For example, a runner whose parents have a track record of success may inherit their talent. This is due to the fact that genetics play a big impact in athleticism.

3. Different Running Styles of Greyhounds

Runners compete in a wide range of styles. Some racers were able to shift into high gear in the initial few seconds of the race, but they soon slowed down owing to tiredness in the middle of the race. If they do not have enough stamina, this type of runner will most likely not be able to finish the race on time.

Certain dogs, on the other hand, can start slowly but then explode into a burst of speed as they near the competition’s finish line. This may have an impact on how predictable they are on the racetrack. In an ideal scenario, the greyhound on whom you bet should be swift and have the stamina to win the race. In this way, picking a horse race bet is similar to picking a greyhound race bet.

4. The Information on the Form Cards is Extremely Useful

Spend some time reading the form card because it contains essential information that will help you identify a likely winner for the greyhound race. Punters at the racetrack usually have access to this key betting tool while the event is in progress. You will have access to the electronic version of the rules before the game begins if you place your bets online. It includes the odds, race number, schedule, and segment for each runner, as well as their trap assignments. Participants’ parents, gender, owner, and trainer are among the information provided. The statistical performance of a dog may also be considered in the evaluation. This may include the number of competitions won by the dog as well as recent race placements.

5. The Favorite Doesn’t Always Have an Advantage in Winning Odds

It is estimated that favorite greyhounds win races approximately 30% of the time. Going with the crowd’s decision can be the safest option if you’re just gambling for fun. However, because there is a 70% chance that you will lose, the fan favorite may not be able to provide the best value for your wager because they may lose.

If you’re just getting started, choose the win and place option to extend the scope of your wager and boost your odds. According to the terms of this sort of bet, if your wager finishes first overall or in any of the top three spots, you will win prize money. The drawback is that you must pay more because you are effectively paying for two possibilities.

6. Betting on a greyhound race is not that different from betting on a horse race

If you’ve ever gambled on horse races, betting on greyhound races will seem extremely similar because the bulk of wager types follow the same pattern. In addition to the previously stated win and place bets, you can additionally select the “win” option if you are confident that your gamble will triumph over the competitors. If you choose the “place” wager, you will be eligible for awards whether your dog finishes first, second, or third. Bettors who are new to the game should begin with these simple wagers.

Trifectas, quinellas, and exactas are three other types of wagers that are more expensive and are often reserved for more experienced gamblers.


Picking the winner of a greyhound race, like picking the winner of any other type of athletic event, is tough, especially if you do not know all of the pertinent information. It is critical to gather as much information as possible before placing a bet in order to improve your betting abilities. If you have never bet before, you should begin by gambling a small amount until you feel more confident in your judgments.

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