An Overview and Critical Analysis of the Game Creator, Just For The Win (JFTW)

Just For The Win is a chain of slot machine casinos that also develop top-quality games. They are known for this and have a good reputation in the casino industry.

Why don’t we get started and evaluate the aspects of what they have to offer?

JFTW began operations in Sweden in 2016

Among the organizations that test the games for fairness are Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), eCOGRA, Technical Systems Testing (TST), and Gaming Associates.

Just For the Win is a newer video game developer, having been founded in April of 2016. However, this does not imply that the organization’s employees have little experience working in the gaming industry.

Johan Persson, who previously worked at the Leo Vegas casino, currently serves as the company’s CEO. In addition, he was one of the company’s founders. Another partner was Tiger Holmgren, who began his professional career as a blackjack dealer nearly twenty years ago

In the year 2021, the company has, of course, grown and now employs approximately 20 people. Furthermore, JFTW now has offices in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. Furthermore, business is conducted in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv.

Just For Win’s first games were released in 2017, and all of the company’s games are as simple to play on a computer as they are on a mobile device.

The very first game ever released was Golden Fairies

JFTW, as a small company, only releases new games when the opportunity arises, as opposed to the majority of other game developers, who release a set number of games at a set time. This means that they will occasionally release a new game on a monthly basisevery month. Similarly, it is not unheard of for a half-year period to pass without the release of more than one video game. To put it another way, the emphasis of Just For The Win is clearly on quality rather than quantity.

The majority of players have praised JFTW’s game design, which is likely due to the company’s already established aesthetic, which is quite distinct from that of other game producers.

Just For The Win has a close working relationship with Microgaming to achieve its goal of making its games available to the greatest number of gamers possible (the Quickfire platform).

Are the games provided by Just For the Win safe and fair?

Just For The Win, a video game developer, does not have its license to operate because it runs its business on the Microgaming platform. As a result, it follows the same rules as Microgaming and has the authority to license its games from both the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.


The return to player percentage (RTP) of nearly all JFTW slots is kept at around 96 percent, which is neither excessively high nor insufficient. However, the RTP of Just For The Win games is higher on average than the industry average. As a result, when compared to other companies games, these are excellent and affordable options.


JFTW games are checked by third parties in the same way that Microgaming games are. Among these third parties are eCogra, an independent testing organization, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), and Technical Systems Testing (TST). As a result, Just For The Win games have been thoroughly tested, and players can expect an enjoyable and balanced gaming experience.

The most well-known and popular games on Just For The Win

Just For The Win, a video game developer, does not release many new titles each year, but the games that it does release are almost always noteworthy. The following list may include some of the best and/or most well-known JFTW games. Every game that follows this one has an RTP of at least 96 percent.

The Elven Gold

JFTW released Eleven Gold in the summer of 2021; you can earn up to 15,000 times your initial wager on this JFTW-created game. The game includes not only the chance to win free spins but also a bonus round that can be triggered by collecting scatter symbols. It is a five-reel, four-pay-line slot machine that combines classic slot machine symbols with modern game mechanisms.

The Treasure of Skyland

In comparison to the previous game, Treasure Skyland appears to have a rather modest maximum win; in this game, it is 1000 times the amount wagered. Having said that, we believe this game’s overall design is superior to Elven Gold’s. This game includes monkey pirates in addition to the standard bonus games. Treasure Skyland became available in the year 2020.

Ivory Coast Citadelle

Ivory Citadel has the potential to be the third critically acclaimed release from this indie game developer. This game was released in 2019 and allows players to win up to 1,968 times their initial wager. On the one hand, this Asian-themed slot machine appears straightforward, but it’s a lot of fun to play.

Jackpot games are Just For The Win slot machines

Even though JFTW has not produced a large number of progressive jackpot games, the company has developed a significant number of jackpot slots as a result of its fruitful collaboration with Microgaming. These games are currently known as Sherlock & Moriarty Wowpot! and Juicy Joker Mega Moolah. There are a few JFTW games that, in addition to progressive jackpots, have fixed jackpots as well:

  • The Scarab Kingdom
  • The Elven Gold
  • Odin’s Fortune
  • Serengeti Platinum
  • The King Arthur Chronicles
  • Sherlock and Moriarty get Wowpots.
  • Emerald cut in gold
  • Juicy Joker: Mega Moolah
  • Mountain Multiplier Silverback
  • Neptune’s Treasure Hoard in the Ocean of Wilds
  • The Western Gold
  • The Specter Estate
  • The wolf’s howl
  • Eternal Excellence
  • Aurora, the Beast Hunter
  • Neanderthals
  • The Treasure of Skylan
  • Woods of Wonder
  • Line with a Double Chance
  • Ivory Coast Citadelle
  • Royals on the Rise
  • The Deco Diamond Deluxe model
  • Hearts on Twitter
  • The Tiki Vikings
  • Ruby is the Casino’s Queen
  • Splitter for Reels
  • Rockabilly wolfpack
  • This Period’s Shogun
  • Ice-Cut Diamonds
  • Talent on Film
  • The Sidewinder
  • Rainbrew
  • The Aztecs were incredible
  • Tutankhamun’s Temple
  • Diamonds in the Art Deco Style
  • Links of Fortune
  • The Fairies of Goldwyn

What distinguishes JFTW games from their competitors?

Because the vast majority of game developers strive to identify a specific market for their products, games created by the same developer frequently share some components. The same can be said about the game Just For The Win.


Just For The Win games consistently have a return to player percentage (RTP) that is slightly higher than the industry average, averaging 96 percent. Even though this game company is small, nearly all of JFTW’s titles have a return on investment of 96 percent.


Just For The Win games have a distinct layout when compared to those of other companies. While doing so, he manages to distinguish himself from himself. To put it another way, many of their games are quite good, but each one has a very distinct look to it. Simply looking at the three most popular games discussed thus far proves this point.

Jackpots that are fixed

Many games have predetermined major wins as well as supplementary wins that can be won under certain conditions. It’s important to look for games that offer a variety of ways to win, whether it’s a bonus game for collecting scatters, in which you earn a different win for each fixed amount of scatters or games where, in addition to regular winnings, you can also win one of three distinct fixed jackpots.

Where can one find JFTW games in Estonian casinos?

Just For The Win games are available in the vast majority of Estonian virtual casinos.

To put it another way, the following is an example of a casino list where you can play JFTW slots: Some of the online casinos on this list are Unibet, Maria Casino, Stsbet, Paf, No Account Bet, Supercasino, Betsafe, Kings win, Optibet, Nutz, Chanz,, Ninja Casino, Boost Casino, Quick Casino, and No Account Bet.


Just For The Win is a game developer that has been successful in developing its distinct signature, which distinguishes them from some of its competitors. The RTP for these games is almost always within an acceptable range, and you can be confident in their integrity when playing them.

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