What to Do at Night in Bangkok (And What Not To Do)

Bangkok, often known colloquially as Krung Thep, is home to more than 15% of Thailand’s entire population. It was once the heart of political problems and violent demonstrations; but, as a result of the 1980s and 1990s surge in Asian investment, it is now the continent’s regional economic, fashion, arts, and entertainment focal point, as well as the key attraction in the Land of Smiles.

With 22.8 million visitors in 2019, Bangkok surpassed London and Paris on the MasterCard Global Destination City Index, solidifying its position as a tremendously popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. However, the country’s infrastructure has not yet matured to the point where it can sustain the country’s expanding tourism industry, therefore the country is straining to keep up with contemporary life’s needs.

Bangkok’s bustling nightlife is one of the main draws for Western travelers to the city also known as the City of Nine Gems. Bangkok has a thriving nightlife that is as diverse as it is wonderful. The city is well-known for throwing anything from rooftop cocktail parties to underground raves and gender-bending events. We will explore some exciting nighttime activities and sites that any visitor to this city should experience, as well as some that they should avoid, in the following paragraphs.

Activities to Do in Bangkok at Night

Thailand is one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to the division of labor between the sexes. The Philippines is the birthplace of the expression “ladyboy,” and it is often regarded as having one of the most progressive attitudes toward transgender acceptance in the world.

The country is also well-known for its open attitude toward homosexuality. As a result, Bangkok’s various ladyboy performances provide a type of midnight entertainment that is not readily available in most other cities. The Calypso, the Playhouse, and the Golden Dome Cabaret are the most popular spots in town to view a variety of ladyboy acts that last an hour and feature comedy, showmanship, and erotica dancing to popular Western music. Anyone looking for a truly authentic slice of Thai culture should make a point of visiting them.

The Siam Niramit stage play, which lasts for 90 minutes and takes place at the world’s highest stage, the 2,000-seat Ratchada Theatre, is an incredible show. Everyone who comes to Bangkok should make it a point to catch at least one performance of this show while they are there. The same can be said for Legend Lives, which is a theatrical production that takes place at Asiatique Bangkok and combines Thai kickboxing and dance.

As was mentioned earlier, the city of Bangkok’s nightlife is bustling every single day of the year. Megaclubs and underground venues offering music in every imaginable genre can be found there, and both types of venues are equally spectacular. Nightclubs such as Onyx, Insanity, the Sing Sing Theater, and Beam are among the most frequented establishments in the city. In addition to this, there is a diverse offering of jazz clubs and go-go bars in Bangkok. The first variety can be found in the city’s three red-light districts—Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong—while the second variety can be found all over the city. It is generally agreed that the best places to hear jazz in Bangkok are the Saxophone Pub, Brown Sugar, the Bamboo Bar, and the Living Room.

It is commonly believed that certain ones are more expensive than others. The last two concepts, for instance, are geared toward catering to a clientele that has greater financial means. They do this by creating an atmosphere that is more elegant and by offering expensive alcoholic beverages like champagne and fine wines. Another option that is well worth looking into is going to one of the rooftop bars with a magnificent view, such as the Vertigo or the Sky Bar.

People who aren’t interested in chatting or watching live entertainment can take a stroll at night through one of the many markets that Bangkok has to offer. There is a wide variety of options to choose from, but Asiatique, Khlong Thom Market, and the Suan Lum Night Bazaar are some of the very best. These events are wonderful opportunities to get to know people in the community, and they also feature excellent deals on vintage clothing and electronic goods.

Things That Should Be Avoided at Night in Bangkok

Gambling is technically illegal in Thailand, except for the national lottery and wagers placed on horse races. A recent survey, on the other hand, found that approximately 57 percent of Thais participate in betting activities. As a direct consequence of this, Bangkok is home to a plethora of underground gaming establishments, many of which advertise their services in an open and obvious manner across a variety of social media platforms.

However, these establishments are routinely subject to raids, and customers who gamble at these venues run the risk of receiving significant monetary penalties. The vast majority of people in this area place their wagers online, and this is one of the primary reasons why. If you are a resident of Thailand, the only way to play poker online in a legal capacity is through offshore sites. The same can be said for the adrenaline rush that comes from playing casino games.

Although going to the markets in Bangkok is a common thing for tourists to do, it is strongly recommended that you stay away from the ones that are located near Khaosan Road. This well-known hiking spot looks to have reached the point where it could be considered overrated at this point. In recent years, trendier neighborhoods like Thonglor and Ekkamai have overtaken it in popularity, making it the less popular of the two. It is possible to say the same thing about the Khlong Toei, which is the largest fresh market in the city.

It is also strongly suggested that first-time visitors to Bangkok steer clear of the city’s gem stores and tailors. Con artists are known to frequent these establishments, and they are known to sell goods of lower quality under questionable circumstances. Avoid venturing into the city’s red-light districts if you are not familiar with the city or the culture of Thailand. Locals in these areas can be pushy and potentially sleazy, so it is best to avoid going there.

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