These Are Some of the World’s Most Popular Gaming Tattoos 

Nothing beats getting a piece of a game that has had such a long-lasting impact on players tattooed onto your body. Gamers are known for having some of the most impressive tattoos in the world, whether they depict a favorite character, an influential slogan, or simply a magnificent piece of art. 

It’s very middle-class, and at least one person has a tattoo that was inspired by a video game. These are just a few of the things you can expect if you work in this industry: constant harassment from sweaty gamer nerds enraged because you said something negative about The Witcher 3; and, last but not least, at least one person has a video game-inspired tattoo. That, unfortunately, sums up the three most important guidelines for anyone interested in becoming a video game journalist. 

But which video game characters are the most frequently tattooed on people’s bodies? One of the research teams set out to answer this question., the website for casino regulation in the United Kingdom, has compiled a list of the most popular gaming figures to be tattooed by combing through Instagram hashtags. 

Who in the Gaming World Has the Most Famous Tattoos? 

Given their widespread popularity, the fact that they hold the top spot on this list may not come as a surprise. Pikachu is the most popular character that gamers want tattooed on their bodies, as evidenced by the over 21,000 photos on Instagram with the hashtag. Who could possibly argue with that choice? Because it appeared in the popular Pokemon video game series and the anime that followed, the lovable Pokemon figure is significant to tens of millions of people all over the world. 

The fact that everyone’s favorite Italian plumber, Mario, came in second place may not surprise you either. Over 19,000 Instagram photos featured the man with the mustache and mustache holder’s body art. Mario, like Pikachu, has been around for decades and is regarded as a childhood icon by many gamers. What better way to honor his legacy than to keep a photograph of him close at hand?  

Kratos, a character from God of War, is the final entry on this list. If I had to pick one, Kratos is the character who would look best as a tattoo design. Not only does the God of War have some spectacular tattoos of his own, but he also blends in well with other tattoos that people may already have. Kratos will look right at home on the arm of anyone wearing a Viking-themed sleeve, especially now that the Norse franchise has gotten a new lease on life on the PlayStation 4. 

What Are Some of Your Favorite Game Series to Tattoo? 

The research team compiled a list of the most popular tattoos for gaming characters as well as a list of the most popular tattoos for gaming series. This is yet another win for Nintendo, whose franchises continue to dominate the top spots on this list: Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. Other popular choices include Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. 

God of War, Bioshock, and The Witcher are following closely behind. It’s exciting to see more Witcher fans flocking to the series now that it’s doing so well on Netflix. Because of the series’ sudden popularity, it was mentioned several times during the most recent Olympic competition.

Not only are there a large number of jokes that aren’t really jokes, but there are also a substantial number of tattoos all over the world that are inspired by video games. Even as I type these words, thoughts are flying through my head about which tattoo from my most recent fixation, Dead by Daylight, I ought to get next. Even as I write this, my thoughts are moving at a breakneck pace. To put it another way, there are a plethora of choices, aren’t there? And who among you wouldn’t want to get it on with The Trapper when he’s perched on your left boob?

The amount of people who have tattoos and the quantity of video games that are available are both at very high levels. But which are the video games that have inspired people all across the world to get tattoos the most? Is there any manner in which it may be compared to games like Overwatch or Fortnite? A poll was carried out with Instagram serving as the primary source of data, and the results showed that neither of those titles even made it into the top ten list of video games that have been tattooed the most frequently all over the world. It does not even come close to being comparable in any way.

It comes as a shock to me that not even Overwatch was included on this list, especially considering the number of people who fell in love with the characters and their designs the moment it was announced that the game would be created. However, it does not come as a surprise to find out that Pokemon is the most played video game. Despite the debates that it has provoked over the course of the years, this title continues to occupy a unique position in the hearts and minds of a significant number of gamers. It is quite evident that Pokemon maintains its dominant position, as demonstrated by the fact that it has three times as many tattoo posts on Instagram as any other company.

The fact that Nintendo is included in all three of the industry’s most successful titles is evidence that the company has millions of committed followers in every region of the world. This one simple fact is what makes the situation so funny to me.

The research, on the other hand, did not focus on any one particular video game series for its duration. In addition to that, it concentrated on the main characters from video games as well as, in certain cases, mascot characters. Take, for instance, the character Pikachu from the video game Pokemon.

The following characters are the most popular protagonists or mascots from video games that have inspired individuals to get tattoos of them, according to the study that will be provided below. It’s possible that some of them will stun you just as much as they shocked me when I first heard them!

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